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1) Secure

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3) Easy

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What is an XLSX file format?

XLSX initials stand for Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet. It is an extension for saving modern Microsoft excel formats. You need to open it using an Excel program or 3rd partY apss such as Google Sheets, OpenOffice and so on. Excel is one of the most used platforms by corporates and organizations to store and manage data. Sometimes you might need to convert CSV to other formats suchas XLSX. Knightsheets provides a fast solution for users to convert their CSV files with one click and no Email required. Our tool is 100% free to use.


How to use CSV to XLSX Converter

1. Click on the dropzone to browse files or drag and drop your excel file

2. Click on convert

3. Wait for a few seconds for the file to be processed by the server

4. Your XLSX file will download automatically

Advantages of converting CSV to XLSX

1. XLSX is the best format for storing more complex data

2. XLSX file can be encrypted using a password

3. XLSX format can perform formulas, functions, and formating easily

4. Its easier to read large data sets using XLSX than CSV

5. You can link external data and use custom add-ins