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1) Secure

We do not collect any data. The file is processed on the users browser.

2) Fast

Convert Your CSV file to HTML within seconds

3) Easy

No complicated formulas or method just One click Conversion

sometimes you might need to convert CSV to other formats such as HTML. Knightsheets provides a fast solution for users to convert CSV to HTML with one click and no Email required. Our tool is 100% free to use.


How to use CSV to HTML Converter

1. Click on the dropzone to browse files or drag and drop your excel file

2. Click on convert

3. Wait for a few seconds for the file to be processed by the server

4. The html file will download automatically

Advantages of converting CSV to HTML

1. HTML can be viewed by all browsers

2. HTML is lightweight

3. HTML does not require special softwre to edit. You ca use any simple text editor like notepad, Sublime, and VS.

4. HTML integrates easily with other languases such as Javascript, CSS and PHP.

5. HTML is Easy to learn


1.Full Form CSV stands for comma seperated values while HTML stands for hypertext markup language

2 Graphics. HTML can display graphics images and videos

3. Portability. HTML can be accesed by any web browser while CSV is limited to text editors and document readers